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76825_1459538000841_1005122447_32142156_1946658_nAs this week is dead week at UA before our final exams I figured I might as well post now because from this moment on, it will be study study study in preparation for said exams.

In the week and a half that I have been away, I went home for Thanksgiving and spent most of that said day with Michael asleep on my chest which was perfectly fine. MaMa made her sweet potato casserole, MiMi made devil eggs and MaMa and Daddy (OK, mostly Daddy) actually made a turkey that was DELICIOUS! Definitely miss home cooked meals.


76130_1459547001066_1005122447_32142173_6284493_nThanksgiving also got me to thinking about how quickly life is changing. I got to thinking about that day when Megan or myself has that special someone (whether fiancé or husband) and we start having Thanksgiving at our house. Since I was little we had the kid table and adult table at all of the family functions (I am still at the kid table by the way) and I got to thinking how different things would be once all the grandkids had our own families.

Black Friday brought shopping for MaMa and Megan and being at Bama Fever at 6am for me. Of course, I just didn’t go to bed which made for a long day considering MaMa and I went to the Iron Bowl afterwards.

149960_1459541600931_1005122447_32142161_2438116_nSure, I wasn’t happy about the result of that game but I realized that I had so much to be thankful for such as getting to spend the day with my Mommy. There is a lot more about Alabama sports than just the actual game and I am excited to have this new outlook on sports. Gone are the days where I let what happens during a game effect my mood. It simply isn’t worth it and I have no right.

76865_1459403637482_1005122447_32141987_5076498_nWhile at home for Thanksgiving, we took our Christmas card pictures. We always use Photography By Tonya and absolutely love her! In fact, the pictures throughout this post (besides the ones from the game of course) are ones that she took!

Cute right?!

In other news, Cam Newton was deemed eligible by the NCAA. There is so much to say on this topic, but quite frankly nothing I say or anyone else says is going to change the ruling that was made today. SEC Commissioner Mike Slave made a lot of enemies today with his press conference regarding the issue and quite frankly, I don’t think this is the end of the issue.

154715_1459732925714_1005122447_32142540_488608_nThis year in college football has been unenjoyable. I know many of you are getting in your cars as I type the rest of this to come check on me because for me to say college football was not enjoyable for me must mean I am deathly ill and suffering from delusions.

Me not particularly enjoying this season had nothing to do with Alabama losing to LSU, South Carolina, and Auburn. Sure, while no one likes to lose (especially following a National Championship year) I knew we would. I hoped we wouldn’t, but knew we would. No, I hated this season because more than ever politics and money were brought into the game.

Alabama Basketball has had several games and I have been pretty impressed. Someone doubted me when they asked me how I thought the season was going to be and I got my “You might have been right” admission last week. I must say, it felt good.

155930_1459724685508_1005122447_32142532_6684090_nTonight, they played the University Of South Alabama. Josh Jones went with me and has gone to several games with me (both football and basketball) and been my “male friend” at sporting events. Although, the last couple of games he has not been able to go so I went by myself. Of course, some guy came up to me because I was the only girl in a group of guys and said, “Hey. Which one of these guys is your boyfriend?” Appalled, I responded, “If that was your attempt at a pick up line better luck next time. If you are that stupid, don’t talk.”

Of course, the camera guy decided to film me as I said this.

Speaking of which, if you come to an Alabama Men’s basketball game be prepared to see me on the big screen. Those guys evidently get a kick out of filming me.

I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving. I might be posting more often as I need a break from studying every now and then.

Roll Tide,


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