It’s A Lifestyle Change…Not A Diet  

Posted by: Cameon

I had been talking about getting in shape, changing the way I eat, etc. for quite some time as I’m sure everyone does. I was going to eat less junk food, drink less caffeine, and workout more….”starting Monday.” Monday came and went several times, and I always seemed to find some excuse to not start. I’d rationalize with myself about the fact that I’m really not fat, just needed to tone up, this that and the other excuse to not make me feel bad about failing at a goal I had set for myself.

That’s changed.

I joined a group on Facebook that has some of the most motivating ladies in it. I am clocking in right now at 5’9” and weighing around 150 lbs. I’ll get an exact weight when we get back from vacation along with pictures.

WebMD says I’m healthy and so does my doctor, but if I really want to lose a few pounds I can, but considering that I am tall anything less than 135 lbs. would look sickly. To be honest, I’m not really worried about how much I weight but more about how I feel.

I’m not going on a diet because that’s a temporary thing. I’m making a lifestyle change. Eating healthier, drinking less caffeine, and working out. Doing this, I know I’ll feel better and my wallet will be a little fatter from not drinking Starbucks at least once a day, if not more.

36722_1377230543206_1005122447_31923393_1535157_nHere’s a picture from two years ago at the beach (I’m the one on the left). Most would throw something at me for even thinking I have anything to lose but there are things about my body that I want to change and make even better so that I look and feel my best…to me. I’m not basing it off of magazine articles or anything of the sort or plastic people, but how I feel.


In the process of me eating healthier, I’m hoping that my mom sees me eating healthier and will start doing something and I can in turn change how my little brother eats before it gets to be a huge issue.

I will do this, and I look forward to taking everyone along for the ride with me.

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