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As an English teacher once told me, a title should summarize the general idea of what you are writing about while capturing your audience. I thought the craziness that is the above title seemed appropriate. There was a point to that, and it wasn’t just that Bailey wanted to try her hand paw at the typing world.

Life has been a little hectic the last few months. Actually the last few years, but there’s a button for previous posts if you’d like to read about all that.

In the last few months, I decided that the University Of Alabama wasn’t really the place for me, which came as a shock to a lot of friends and family because it always had been. Honestly, I can’t explain it other than it just changed. Even more honesty, it might not be that it changed, but rather I changed.

I see things completely differently now. The people, the town, the fans…all of it. I still love the campus. I still love the people. Well, some of them. I guess what changed is that I stopped caring as much about sports as I used to and realized at the end of the day, it wouldn’t matter if I knew all the stats or who committed to Alabama or decommitted. I didn’t play. I didn’t practice. There were more important things in life.

As a Freshman, I really didn’t give other universities the time of day because I was an Alabama fan and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. I thought because I was an Alabama fan, I had to go there. There are things I would do differently, but at the end of the day I have no regrets because I’m still a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason.

So, all that being said…I am moving back home over the next few days which is going to take some getting used to. I took on two part time Nanny jobs that will basical2011-11-19_15-36-38_718ly make a little more than a 9-5 week. I’ve still got basic classes to finish up which I plan on doing at Jeff State while I figure out where I want to, or if I even want to, go back to college full-time. At some point I’m going to have to, but I’m not sure if it’ll ever be at UA again.

Other than that, here’s what’s been going on the last few months:

One of the besties gets married…and I’m the “Photographer.”


I took over 2,000 pictures at their wedding so I can’t possibly post them all, but it was amazing to be honored with being asked, especially since I just do the picture taking as a hobby. Little tough to take pictures through the happy tears at times though. Smile

Pumpkin Patch


First Trip Ever To Auburn

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Yeah, that was a little different. Wasn’t sure how it would go over, but overall I loved the people and the campus. Totally different atmosphere than Alabama and ironically, the guy in the picture is now the boyfriend.

Michael’s Growing…Fast


Yeah, and getting into everything.

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