The Things I Couldn’t Say  

Posted by: Cameon

My PYHO this week is a private post only those extremely close to me can see and I apologize for that, but one person in particular needed to know some things…and I didn’t think it appropriate for everyone to see.

Nevertheless, this is my public post and I hope that it makes sense for those that “have” to do things.

The same person I was talking about earlier is losing his grandfather and he believes his grandmother very soon. This is sad for a couple reasons: they are really his last connection to his mother that passed away two Thanksgivings ago, they are his grandparents, and this guy loves his family.

He was telling me about what was going on and I couldn’t help but watch as tears began to glisten in his eyes. This guy though, is also incredibly strong so I knew he was not about to cry in front of me. That didn’t stop me from giving him a hug though…even though I knew he didn’t want it.

This particular guy, once a very close friend…is now someone I barely know and the same thing could be said for me I am sure; except the guy part of course. It kills me knowing that 1)He is pushing me away and 2) That as much as I would love to help him…I can’t, because he won’t let me.

His grandparents mean something to me as well oddly enough. I’ve never actually met them as every time I was supposed to I got sick or plans fell through some other way, but they mean a lot to me…because they support someone that is very important in my life.

As he was telling me about his grandparents, I couldn’t help but think how many times I tell someone “I have to call my grandmother.” I thought about how many times people say, “I have to go to work.” I thought about how many times I hear parents say, “I have to take my kids to soccer practice.”

“I have to”…odd words for such amazing things that we get to do. Not everyone has grandparents they can call. Not everyone has a job they get to go to. Not everyone has kids they get to take to soccer practice. These are all things we get to do…and are blessed to have the opportunity to do.

Once again, even though this friend of mine is really not someone in my life he impacted my life yet again without even knowing it. Please say a prayer for him and his family during these tough times. You never know when someone else might need a prayer.

So, I get to start classes tomorrow. I get to further my education. I get to call my mom and dad and tell them about my new classes and what all happened. I get to experience all these incredible things. I get to wake up early in the morning.

I hope sometime soon, I get to have this friend in my life again and that he realizes I’m there…through it all. 

I hope everyone had a terrific holiday and for those near Alabama enjoyed the snowstorm that we so rarely get around here.


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Sending prayers for your friend.

Thank you Shell. I greatly appreciate it and I am sure he would too...if he knew. :)

Sending you smiles, losing people (whether it be yourself or a friend) is hard.

(Stopped by from Shell's PYHO)

Sending prayers for your friend. A good lesson in not taking things for granted.

Sending a prayer for your friend...I know it must be a difficult time for him.

Your words resonate with me. Awhile ago, a blogger friend of mine wrote a post called "Today, I get to..." and it really struck a chord with much so that I asked her if I could borrow the idea and write a post of my blog. I really need to take the time to go back and read it again. Everything you said is so true. I take a lot of the blessings in my life for granted and this was a wonderful reminder that we should take every opportunity to appreciate those blessings!

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