Dear University Of Alabama Baseball,  

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Dear University Of Alabama Baseball,

I think it’s time you and I had a talk. During this time of year, even though the pollen is out and the rain is usually coming down, I make an effort to still come and watch you perform. I cancel Friday night dates and Saturday night slumber parties just so I can drive to Tuscaloosa and watch you play.
The suggestion has been made that I have my dates at Sewell-Thomas but honestly, most men don't like competing with you. And I can't say that I really blame them. 

I am dedicated in this relationship. Can you say the same?

Just last Friday for instance, I was sitting in the stands during the monsoon, thunder, and lightning just hoping that we would get to finish our night in good terms. Instead, you kept teasing me…pulling out the tarp, removing it, warming up…only to take the tarp and put it right back over the field. I know it wasn’t really your fault, but I have to blame someone for getting all wet and cold. And who better to blame than the cute guys in really tight white pants?
In all honesty, the sound of the ball “pinging” off the bat as you make a comeback from a 9-0 deficit or the sound of the umpire yelling, “STE-RIKE!” as you send yet another batter back to the bench they came from are sounds that I long to hear. There’s something about it, and I can’t even explain it, but it soothes the soul…much like that old time rock n’ roll.

Another thing, I know that I am supposed to be the woman in this relationship but please don’t hesitate to get those uniforms dirty. Sliding is always an option when you have protection, and the dirtier you are the better. I have my Tide To Go Pen plus an array of laundry detergents that can take all those mud stains right out. Have you not seen the commercials? I guess it’s the adrenaline of not knowing if you are going to finish or not that just sends me over the edge.

Also, every little thing matters which I’m sure you already know. Losses to teams that you should beat but don’t for whatever reason is a little thing that could cost you this relationship down the road. Then again, we both know that isn’t true because, like the dedicated girlfriend I am, I will be there for better and for worse. But please, do it for me. I want to be there with you at the Hoover Met kicking some tail in June, and if you don’t finish what you start we won’t be able to take it to the next level I’m afraid.

You came out strong, and have had some ups and some downs. I say you finish strong. Because unfortunately, in this relationship you don’t have the luxury of being able to start strong and finish strong with what happens in between not really affecting your performance at the end. Size doesn’t matter; it’s just the win that counts right now. Although, bigger is always better.

I know I am a somewhat recent fan and that I am not as knowledgeable about you as I am football but just give it time. I’m trying here…and I think I’ve made a lot of headway in the short time we’ve been together. But, I can’t learn everything overnight and this is a marathon - not a sprint.

I hope you understand where I am coming from and that we can work this out. Like the faithful girlfriend I am, I will be tuned in at 6:30 (five minutes earlier than game time) so that I can hear how everything is going.  


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