Taking The Leap Of Faith In Faith  

Posted by: Cameon

Faith can cover a wide variety of things. People that have faith in God or whatever religion have faith that whatever happens, it is all for a reason. People die, people are born, buildings are torn down, toast is dropped and it must be meant to happen, “because God has a plan.”

People could also have just the faith that we can cross  the street because the light is green. We can go sailing because it’s gorgeous outside without a cloud in the sky. People have faith that they won’t be let down by the people in their life.

So what happens when faith doesn’t get us anywhere but hurt? Why do we put faith and trust in other people to not hurt us? It’s almost like we put faith in someone else to keep us happy, and make our world. Then, when we’re let down we wonder why it hurts so much and why everyday seems to be dark outside even if there’s not a cloud to hide the sun.

So why?

We’ve been taught that not having faith in people will also leave us lonely because we’ll never trust/love someone enough to get hurt. Therefore, we are never truly happy.I guess then you’d be fake happy.

All in all, we take a leap of faith, in faith. Ironic huh?

We trust that people we love won’t let us down. We have faith that we are safe in their arms or words. Then, even when we are let down, we have faith in that it will all work out, and that it’s for the better. Simply put, we want someone to believe in, and someone to believe in us. Even running the risk, that along with more than half of the couples in the U.S., our leap will end with lots of money owed along with our broken hearts.

Faith doesn’t cover the unexpected. It doesn’t cover when suddenly there are huge, dark clouds in the sky. It doesn’t cover when your best friend is hit by someone that ran a red light.

Faith, like the weather, is temperamental to some. To others, it is how you make it through. Faith that everything will get better, eventually…and you can move on. Because what else can you really do?

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