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For those that are also my Facebook friends, you have most likely seen posts lately about my applying to be an Avanti at the University Of Alabama. I got the email today that I was to come to room 205 in the Student Services Building to pick up my letter confirming whether or not I would be selected as an Avanti member for the year 2011. We can be there beginning at 8am. I will be there at probably 7:55. I also probably will not sleep tonight.

My roommate laughed when I told her I was so nervous/anxious and said, “You always do that. You get keyed up about everything. Everything is all or nothing.”

I got to thinking about what she said and as much as I hate to admit it, she made a valid point.

Ironically, this roommate is someone I was really worried about rooming with before the year began. Since Facebook is the ultimate creeper method these days, you can bet when I found out who my roommate was I went and looked her butt up on Facebook. Definitely super creeped this girl. I went through her photos, looked to see what her friends said about her. This was serious.

Fun Fact: Brittany was an Auburn fan. Problem 1. I am a die hard Alabama fan. (No seriously, you don’t understand).

Fun Fact: She seemed to be the “preppy” girl that I didn’t really get along with in school ever. Mainly because I was always made fun of them. Basically, I equated her with the movie Mean Girls.

Fun Fact: She has become one of my best friends.


^^^Evidence of friendship.

I’ve come to realize that life rarely happens as you would expect it. We meet people everyday and have no idea the impact we have made on them. Sometimes, doing the simplest of things can get you a life long friend.

I remember when making friends was as easy as swinging together on the swing set and then after asking the other person, “Hey, do you want to be my friend?” Bam! A friendship is made (spit in hand/pink promise optional).

There was no “backstabbing.” There was no “two faced.” A friend was a friend. That was that.

As we get older, and busy in our everyday lives sometimes our friends, and family as well, are taken advantage of. We assume that because they are such a great friend we can treat them like crap and it’s ok because they’ll be there when we need them. We go days or weeks without calling or even emailing them and then all of a sudden call and want them to drop everything.

(Be honest, you are thinking about someone right now you’ve done this to).

We’ve all done it. We’re all as guilty as the Florida QB that sent that death threat to his girlfriend.

It’s not too late though.


1) I got to take a really nice drive this morning to Tuscaloosa. It was a little chilly, but with my cheek warmers (otherwise knows as seat warmers) it was just about right. Add music to it, and this Bama Chick was ready to go.

2) Brittany and Katie. They gave me some awesome birthday presents even though they didn’t have to. :)

3) More people are starting to read my writing, which is awesome but slightly nerve racking at the same time.

4) Several people today got messages saying they were beautiful. I was one of them and appreciate all the sweet comments.

5) I am also pretty pumped about writing an Alabama Basketball article before the scrimmage tomorrow.


1) I saw several people post statuses about their favorite attribute. I can’t wait to see what the next few days hold.

2) I got to tell many people today that they were beautiful…and why. I found it to be an amazing experience.

3) Someone helped me from my car today. It was very nice of them.

My Challenge: Again, there are three parts to today’s challenge (or tomorrow’s rather)

1) Today, call or text a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. See if they want to get lunch, go see a movie, or just catch up on the phone. Apologize for being so busy. Then, do better. We all get busy, and that is no excuse to forget friends and family.

2) Let your friends know you care. Let them know how much they mean to you. Let them know you would be lost without them.

3) Post your Day 2 favorite attribute. Confused? Click here.

I hope everyone has a tremendous day! :)

-The Bama Chick

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