A Dozen Roses  

Posted by: Cameon

Love…and relationships are a lot like roses.

I can’t take credit for this analogy because I was not the one who came up with it but to understand what I’m talking about please read the conversation below (It was actually in person, but obviously I did not record it at the time).

Me: Well what do you think is wrong in your relationship?

Him: What’s your favorite flower?

Me: What? What are you talking about?

Him: Just answer the question and stop being stubborn.

Me: Roses. Something about them. I think it’s the fact that you can show so many things with one flower: Passion, Love, Friendship, Beauty…it’s just all there.

Him: That flower being your favorite doesn’t surprise me at all. Ok, so imagine your husband knew how much you loved flowers and passed by a flower shop every night on his way home and never stopped. Or worse yet he stopped and then when he came in just threw them on a counter?

Me: I’m so sorry.

Him: Neither of those are my situations. What if he stopped everyday to get you a dozen roses or you stopped to get him his favorite coffee ever day or frequently…always going the extra mile and never got anything back

When I started thinking about what I wanted to write earlier in the day I knew exactly what I was going to write about. It was going to be inspirational. It was going to make people laugh.

Then, something happened and I realized inspiration was what I needed and this was possibly the best way to get it.

I have been giving a dozen roses for a long time and getting very little, if anything back. Looking back, it was probably my fault from the beginning but quite honestly it doesn’t take the hurt away.

I think there comes a point when you realize that one person isn’t in a relationship as much as you are and slowly but surely you either try to fix it or it all goes downhill.

Then there comes that point when you realize you are doing everything you can to keep things going how they were, and the other person isn’t interested in that at all and is trying to let go.

I asked someone today how you could hate someone and love someone so much at the same time.

Today, I am promising myself that I will not settle for anything less than a dozen roses in return…although my hope is that I meet that someone that brings home two dozen roses instead.


1) I made Avanti!

2) My roommate also made Avanti!

3) I am so thankful for all of the amazing friends I have and the amazing support system in my life.

4) Another order for Getting Social today.

5) Christi Mathers: I know I already mentioned friends but this girl makes my day better on the darkest of days. I’m so excited she got accepted to Alabama and hope that she’ll end up going here!

Me and Christi ^^


1) I had a good friend of mine find out some bad information regarding her husband. She spent the night with me last night. I slept on the floor.

2) I made someone laugh today that needed to.

3) Someone helped me when I needed it.

My Challenge: Today’s challenge has just one part and it can’t  be done directly through one action in particular although I will offer some suggestions. With that being said, the challenge is to love with everything you have.

If you feel like the relationship you are in is headed south, talk to the other person before it is too late.

Go that extra mile. Stop by and get them their favorite drink from Starbucks (mine is Pumpkin Spice Frappicuno and I’ll be at work from 3-9 tomorrow lol). Stop by and get that bouquet of flowers. Turn off the tv and give them some lovin’.

Make them feel like they are everything in the world to you, before you are forced to live in a world without them.


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I like the roses story. My husband and I were at a point a few years ago where we were both thinking "What have YOU done for me lately?" instead of "What can I do for you?" Then we changed and realized we had to do for each other and it really helped our marriage.


First off, I'd like to commend you and your husband for realizing something was wrong and making the changes to fix it. I hope the two of you have many more happy years ahead and I look forward to reading about them. :)

Secondly, I'd like to thank you for stopping by and taking your time to comment. It is greatly appreciated. :)


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