Uplifting By Post-Its  

Posted by: Cameon

I apparently am one of those people that would rather hold everything in than tell anyone. I am that person people come to when they have a problem to talk to and discuss their problems with. I am that person people call at 1am because they just need someone to talk to. I am that person for a lot of people.

I also don’t like to appear as if anything is wrong. Just not my cup of tea quite honestly. I would a lot rather pretend everything is fine and just go on about my business.

However, eventually after holding everything inside for a while you break and crumble to the ground.

I crumbled, and I crumbled badly.

My roommates were clearly worried about me, and told me before work I needed to be me again. They said I was the one that held things together in our room. I was the one that was always smiling. I was always the one making things happy. I was “the mom.” I was smiling, and now I was in tears and they didn’t know what to do.

Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure what to do either. Still not really, but tonight when I got home from work I found this on my wall:

The message is “Ur beautiful” and each post it has something else on it that these two love/appreciate about me.



To be clear this says my “Mom” like qualities and not man Lol.

There were a lot more, but this will probably already take a long time to load so I will cut it short. I cannot thank these girls enough. They got a smile back on my face, at least for a little while. It’s funny that for three girls that didn’t think they were going to get along, we are now so close.


1) Katie Brantley- This girl…cracks me up and is always there for me. She also isn’t afraid to kick my butt (even though she is barely 100 pounds) and keep me in my place.

2) Brittany Day- This girl cracks me up and is loads of fun to be around. This is my actual roommate and I have lost count of the number of late night conversations we have had about various subjects.

3) My parents- Whether they know it or not the morals they have instilled in me are ever present in mind reminding me what is right and what is wrong. Granted, sometimes louder than other times.

4) My grandparents- They too, have shown me the difference between right and wrong and constantly are leading by example (not that my parents aren’t).

5) Life. Being here. Being alive. Getting the chance to make mistakes and learn from them and loving every minute of it.


I think the good deeds were obviously presented earlier.

My Challenge:

Today, dance in the rain, twirl in the sun…something. Take a minute and just enjoy life. Turn off your phone, turn off your computer, and do something you want to do. Then, tell someone else to do the same…or tell them about this blog.

I hope everyone has an incredible day today.


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Such a beautiful gesture, and you are beautiful too! I love how a simple message can put a smile on people's faces!

P.S. And thank you for your kind words as well. They did put a smile on my face (:

Happy weekend!

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