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I’ve tried many a time to put into words what I feel for this guy but these attempts have all failed and I think I know why. You see, it’s hard to describe something so perfect with words, and that’s exactly what he is to me even though he shouldn’t be. To others he might have faults and things that make him crazy but to me those faults are omnipresent I guess because I adore him. This wasn’t supposed to happen I know that for sure but everything happened so fast and without thought I ended up falling regardless of how hard I fought.

There’s not a point where it all happened, not a moment where I can explain that this wasn’t just two friends but from the very beginning we promised the other we would always remain friends until the very end. It could have been that twinkle that shined through those blue eyes. Maybe that sparkle that reminded me of the moon, moving in with the tide. In those eyes I drowned fast, that much I can’t deny and I can’t explain why. Maybe it was seeing him for who he really was and not the person he acted for everyone else. Seeing the kind of man he was and wanted to be threw me for a loop and I was weak at the knee. Not sure how it all went down, honestly I have no clue, but it was something we both wanted to pursue.

Incredible he was from the very beginning. I didn’t stand a chance against someone that was so outstanding. Seems like everywhere I went, no matter what I did he crossed my mind. He’s something so exciting and yet a way for me to unwind. There’s comfort in him that isn’t anywhere else. Nothing has to be said, but I know he cares. He gives and gives without a second thought, made me crazy until he gave me what we both fought so hard not to want. There was something in his lips that didn’t have to do with shape or size. When it was electric and new, yet calm and routine I realized he might be my demise.

It could have been the adrenaline that came from him just being near but it could also be the way my heart melted when he called me dear. Sitting there in his arms with them wrapped around me, I turn around and make sure he is able to run free. Loving, affectionate, and passionate to boot made him much better than a puppy although he is cuddly and cute. Trying times came around and I was sure he would run, then he didn’t and I knew it wasn’t just about having fun. Nothing had to be said and we could go back to normal after not speaking for a while. We were both so understanding, and he never feared going the extra mile. His voice is that of an angel, so comforting in the worst of times. Always making me smile and long for the next time my number would be the one he dialed. Nothing could make me reach higher than him saying, “Love you” and it was then that there was nothing I couldn’t do.

It seems strange that for something so perfect that no words could describe it there were two pages typed. Truthfully though, these pages don’t compare to the actual hype. There’s no way I can put everything he is to me on paper. To me he’s just himself and that’s all I’ll ever need or want him to be.

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