Holiday Season  

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It’s the most terrible, no good, very bad, dreadful wonderful time of the year!

As with every Christmas season and as everyone else is, I am driven crazy with what to buy for people and with which parties and functions I must attend either with my friends or with my parents. Not to mention, I work in retail so this time of year is always especially torturous fun.

However, along with all of the craziness that this time of year brings it also brings those traditions that have been going on since I was little. Tonight started those traditions for me and my family.

Our family has a lot of traditions but one of the main ones I missed this year was helping to decorate the Christmas tree. We have two (at least): one that MaMa “professionally decorates” and one that my sister and I decorate with all of the family ornaments and ornaments we’ve made throughout the years. I came home from college, and both trees were already up.

It’s not that I expected for them to wait until I got home for the Christmas holiday to set up the Christmas decorations. My family is much like National Lampoons Christmas…seriously. No, it more so looking at the decorations and how things had changed.

This was my ornament for my 1st Christmas in 1991 given to me obviously by my grandmother.IMG_20101217_001638

This was my brother’s 1st Christmas ornament in 2009. Hehe. SURPRISE!!



Also, this year MaMa got us new ornaments. We’ve collected many over the years to “represent each member of our family. Some are pretty funny, and some would require explanation I don’t they would appreciate me explaining.

 IMG_20101217_001807 My Xmas ornament (Man watching ESPN)Only in the south...My sister's ornament as she LOVES to cook!Roll Tide!

Last night was my Dad’s office Christmas Party. They have one every year around this time and it is always roughly the same. We eat, catch up with everyone, eat some more, ask how the family is, eat more (hey, we’re not ranked #3 in obesity for no reason), and then kiss the kids and everyone and leave.

Today will bring my Dad’s office Shop party which is different than the office party. Mostly the same people, but different setting. Everyone comes in jeans and a shirt (most of the time) and there are tables and chairs set out. There will be fried fish that’s to die for, beans, coleslaw, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Not really Christmas food, but boy is it yummy! Not to mention, there’s always a good time to be had.

Christmas Eve we will go to my NaNa’s and have Christmas Eve supper out in Cook Springs. “Santa” used to come to our celebration, until we lost my great uncle two years ago. Quite honestly, it’s never been the same. However, it is always a reminder of how much we really need to spend more time with one another and how thankful we are for everyone. There’s gifts, food, and love…all celebrated Southern style.

All traditions. All things that I love.

And this year, for the first time since I’ve been alive at least we have a legitimate chance of SNOW ON CHRISTMAS!!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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Merry Belate Xmas! When we get back I def. want to sit down with you and see about sprucing up my blog. Hope you're having a good break

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