Mom’s Words Taken To Heart  

Posted by: Cameon

When I was younger, my MaMa (below mason dixin line talk for “mother”) used to tell me “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” This, along with many other nifty slogans if you want to call them that…helped me to grow in life.

This… explains my absence. Honestly, the last week and a half I have had absolutely nothing nice to say. Actually, I spent a few days with the innate desire to punch someone in the face and watch their tiny little frame hit the floor while I laughed.

But, my mother also said violence never solves anything…unless they start it first. And, while they did “start it”, their “it” was over a keyboard where nothing physical was done. I would have had more respect for them had they tried to throw a physical punch instead of “facebook slapping” me.

Oh technology…how you really have changed the world.

ANYWAY, while granted there have been some things here recently that have put me in a, shall we say, not so fun to be around mood there has been a lot of good going on lately too which got me to thinking…

More times than none, something bad happens and it is noticed. Something good happens, and it is overshadowed. “There’s always a bad seed that ruins it for the bunch.”

I want to say congratulations to a very dear friend of mine, actually-my best friend on her engagement. We had been not in the best of terms due to some other things but she called me with the news along with the news that I am her maid of honor and it was incredible to hear that somoene I care so much about, is well on her way to getting the life she always wanted and deserved.

In the same week, I found out a coworker and friend is also getting married which is also incredible news. Not to mention, added incentive to get my butt in shape before the Summer holidays!

This, along with some other great news regarding my work both at Bama Fever and Getting Social got overshadowed by the fact that I was mad and wanted to hate the world…and it isn’t even that period in a month when I hate my life for about a week (no pun intended of course).

I got to thinking about how many times I  do this. How many times something good is overshadowed by the bad? Probably WAY more than I’d like to admit. Then I got to thinking about how many times other people do the same thing…

How many times has the fact that your child had an awesome day at school been overshadowed by the fact that you had a crappy day at work? How many times has the fact that your husband left the toilet seat up overshadowed the good things he’s done?

My mission this week is to focus on the good and not the bad. “Bad” things are going to happen, but they only effect us as much as we let them…and I choose for that to be no more than I can run or sweat off.

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