The Little Things  

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I know how to sweep mess off a rug.

I know how to take care of someone when they are sick.

I know how to jump someone off if their car battery goes dead.

I know how to listen to someone when they have something going on and provide them with the best advice possible.

I know how to be strong and make tough decisions in life.

I know how to be who I am, and no one else and not mind what anyone thinks of me.

I know how to be strong in my opinions even if I know that someone might hate me for a little while because in the end they will respect me. 

I know how to do all these things, and I never realized until recently that not everyone does. I have my parents to thank for knowing how to do all of these things.

My Dad taught me how to get mess off of a rug with a broom. I remember the day he taught me how to do that. We were on  the pontoon boat and my job was to get the carpets clean. I was doing it wrong and true to Daddy fashion, he comes up behind me with his “You are doing something wrong” stance. Then the Daddy ever so patiently says, “Can I show you something?” Being just like him I resist, because I want to do it by myself and I know once he gets that broom, I will not get it back. Being insistent though, I finally give in and give him the broom and watch him get the carpets almost completely clean with just a broom.

I can do that now.

I can take care of people because my family members have taught me how throughout the years.

I can listen to people because my family members have taught me how.

I can be strong and firm in the decisions I make and not back down because my parents have taught me how to do that over the years.

I learned all of these things from my family. From my parents. From my grandparents. From my sister. From my friends.

I didn’t realize that not everyone was blessed like I am with friends and family that taught them all of these things. I didn’t realize just how blessed I was.

My parents and family members all around have really taken the time and had the patience (well, most of the time) to make sure I became the person that I am today. They made sure I knew how to walk. They made sure I knew how to talk (which they might regret now). They made sure I knew right from wrong. They made sure I knew how to take care of myself.

Not everyone is as lucky as I am.


MaMa or “Mom” for those that don’t drink iced sweet tea. I am so grateful for her as she is the main one that listens when I have boy problems and am in need of that shoulder or ear to listen to me. She has taught me that it is OK to be who I am and that there are always going to be tough times. She struggles with her appearance and will probably kill me for posting this picture but she doesn’t understand that she truly is beautiful inside and out. Whenever I have a problem she helps me look at things from all of the angles and not just the “Cameon view.” Not many teenage girls have the relationship with their MaMa that I do, and I’m so thankful that I do.


Daddy or “Dad'” to the Yankees. We have an interesting relationship because we are so much one in the same. We obviously look just a like (no denying that I am his daughter), but it runs deeper than that. My Daddy is a strong man. He’s had to make some tough decisions in his life based on the decisions that he made previously but he has dealt with them and made the best out of any situation. He has always been the one that has helped me to look at things from a rational and logical point of view instead of the emotional side. Not to mention, the one that has taught me lots about how to do odds and ends things that I am eternally grateful for learning how to do.



Megan is my sister and my rock and she probably doesn’t even know it. Truly beautiful inside and out, she is who she is and doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks. My sister has the work ethic that I wish I had. She had to work for the grades she made and she has an impeccable work ethic to show from it. Not only that, she has a way with shopping and putting things together that I wish I had. Case in point: what she is wearing in the photo to the right. I would never think about wearing that or putting that together. Not her, and it looks fabulous! I really think she should go into designing of some sort. We’re different. We’re 10 days shy of being two years apart. We’re sisters though, and nothing will ever break that bond. 


I have SO many people to thank and be grateful for. Which is why you will see things like this posted at the bottom of my posts from now on.

My Challenge: So many times people have no idea how much they impact your life and you don’t even realize how so until it is too late. So my challenge today is to tell at least three people today how they have impacted your life and how grateful you are to them.

With Love,


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First off, this is so beautifully written that I actually have tears in my eyes.

Secondly, you are so very blessed to have the family you have. I wish so much that I had grown up in the type of family you have!!

Thank you for following my blog! I'm following you now, as well!

You're so blessed to have such an amazing family. I'm going to have to think about your challenge!

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