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As you can see, it is going to be a busy week. Also, I can’t write in a straight line when I don’t have lined paper (apparently).

I know, I know. I haven’t been blogging every day. My bad, things just got crazy there for a little while.

Quite honestly, I don’t have that much to write about but felt like I should. I take that back, I have SO MUCH I could write about but can’t write about any of it. Maybe that makes sense to some, and maybe it doesn’t. Either way, this will be short.

As many of you know, the University of Alabama was my place. UA was my place to escape from life. It was my place to go when everything else felt like it was crashing down.

UA is now the place I want to leave because of everything.

Crazy huh?

I’m not saying that I am leaving UA. It’s just ironic that last year at this time I couldn’t wait to get away from home and be down here and in fact spent most of the time begging my dad to let me come down to a football, basketball, or baseball game. Even a tennis match would have been reason enough to get me down here honestly.

I could not wait to graduate high school and leave home (no offense to my family) and experience new things. I had all these ideas of what college life would be like and most have them have not been the case honestly.

It could be me. I think most people were worried that I would get down to UA and get into parties or whatever else. Haven’t been to one party while down here. I think a lot of people thought I would get down here and find some guy that really made me happy (me included) and that hasn’t happened.

There were a lot of ideals and expectations that simply haven’t been true.

It’s ironic because this time last year, I was leaving home to come down to UA to escape. Now, I go home from UA to escape.

I realized tonight while cleaning my dorm room and putting up laundry that I had been putting off how much Alabama stuff that I had in my life/dorm/wardrobe. It’s really quite insane.


Yeah, and that doesn’t even cover my clothes, which is even more insane.

*shakes head* This might have gotten a little out of hand.

I say a lot of times that music can describe what I’m feeling better than words can. Below, is a song.

The song that says the words I didn’t have.

My Challenge:

1) Be thankful for the place you are now. Believe your parents and grandparents when they say that you will miss the life you have now. As with most things, they are right.

I will post more throughout the week. However, right now I am getting some sleep (hopefully).

Good night to all (because now I am santa evidently),


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college life will NEVER be what you expected. You will have good and bad and it will fly by quicker than you know it. The best I can tell you is, SLOW DOWN!!! You will get to the end and realize that there is a lot of stuff that you wanted to do but didn't because there wasn't enough time, and some stuff that you did do that you could have done without! You only experience this once, no matter how many degrees you get. So remember to take time to enjoy it!

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