Everybody Goes To “Milo’s”…  

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(OK, good thing there is no time limit on this: October 29, 2010)

I really don’t like those people that you can’t stay mad at. They give you reason time and time again to be mad at them…but you just can’t seem to no matter how hard you try. It’s just annoying honestly.

You are all set and ready to be mad at someone for the rest of your life and then you get a text from them, or a call, or worse you seem them and suddenly everything is better. You just aren’t mad anymore.

It is the worst and best feeling in the world.

That’s what I came across last night. Which should have probably gone in last night’s post but I didn’t really think about it until today…when the regret of not being able to hate this person really hit. Ugh.

Today was a good day spent with MaMa, Megan, and Michael just hanging around the house. Michael did not however take a nap. Which was not so much fun quite honestly. He’s getting to that stage where he is fighting it…hard. Poor guy.

However, today I was questioned by a manager at Milo’s. Went there to get lunch only to come home and realize that they left my cheeseburger and fries out. Seeing as how I was incredibly hungry, I was a little mad but having also worked fast food I know mistakes happen. So I called Milo’s hoping to get someone saying, “I’m so sorry about that ma’am. We’ll have it ready when you get here.”

I guess I was spoiled at Hamburger Heaven, because that is what I would have done.

I was questioned. I was mad. Actually, me saying I was mad is a drastic understatement. I was livid. Never in my life have I been questioned about a cheeseburger and fries being left out of my order.

Needless to say, I will never go back to Milo’s.


1) It’s starting to feel like FALL!!! WOOHOO!!

2) Michael genuinely laughed at me today. That little chuckle could make the world’s problems go away.

3) I actually slept last night which is not something I normally get to do.

4) Michael having a little temper. It just shows how well he will fit into this family. Hehe.

5) Megan giving me that “Why are you my sister look?” Sounds crazy…but I’ve missed that look at college.


1) I went to go get my family lunch today and took Michael with me to give MaMa a break.

2) I went and picked my sister up from her boyfriend’s house (again taking Michael with me). Sounds weird…going to pick her up was something I used to not really like doing. I miss it now.

3) I participated in another giveaway tonight for The Periwinkle Piggy on Facebook.

My Challenge: Say “hello” to someone random today and ask them how their day has been. Then, really listen. You’ll be amazed at what people take from it.

I hope everyone has a splendiferous weekend! Please be safe if you are traveling or participating in Halloween festivities.


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