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Over the last few days I’ve started talking to this person again. It’s that person that I said I would never talk to again. It’s that person that I said would never be in my life again. I had been let down once, and they were not going to have the chance to do it again.

Now we’re talking again.

Sometimes, I feel like I have no choice in this matter. It’s almost like I am just stuck in this situation that I can’t get out of. Then I think, you could get out you just really don’t want to.

I’m just waiting for things to go back to the way they were before…I’m already preparing myself for them to let me down again. Only this next time, it might not be so much fun I have a feeling.

It’s always easy to play like it didn’t hurt. Staying busy so you don’t have to think about it is a way to deal with it. Then you realize, that you are probably wearing your batteries down trying to keep them from entering your mind. What’s worse is when most of the things you do remind you of them.

There is supposed to be a reason for everything. I’ve always believed that. I just wish I knew what their purpose in my life was. I’m not one to regret things, but there are days when I wonder how much easier things would have been had I just not been me.


1) Another GORGEOUS day of weather!

2) I picked up something I had ordered from Sew Adorable. She threw in a few extra things for helping me with her Facebook page.

3) I met several interested moms at the VES Fall Festival today.

4) I got to sit down and watch a lot of College Football…Missouri and Michigan State lost. Hopefully that means Alabama will move up in the polls.

5) All of my amazing friends and family. I am reminded everyday of what an amazing support system I have.

My Challenge: Delete those conversations you’ve been keeping. Delete their number. Don’t let them control your life, because you control your own happiness.

(Have I mentioned I’m doing these challenges as well?

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