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A friend of mine recently wrote a blog about his atheist beliefs which you can view here. In fact, to understand this, you probably need to read that first.

Another friend recently told me a story and a Barber and a man that came and got a hair cut. The man walks in, sits down, and reads a story in the paper about someone that was shot. He then asks his barber if there is a God, why there is evil in the world? The barber simply looks at the man and says, "You see that man out there?" The man replies yes and the barber says, "That man has a very long, straggly beard and unruly hair. Why do I let his hair get like that when he is right outside my shop? It's simple...because he won't come to me. I can't force him to come to me. I can send hints his way, and show examples of how his hair should or should not look, but until he comes to me, there is nothing I can do."

It's tough to believe and have faith in the things we can't see everyday. But we do it. We believe the wind is there. But why? We can't see it. We believe in it for no other reason than that we can feel it or see it blow through the trees. We believe the sky is blue? Why? Because that's what has been told to us. Some of us believe in love? Why? We can't see love. But maybe we can...we can see the things that love does to people. We can see the look in people's eyes when they are in love. We can see the way they smile at each other. We can feel butterflies in our stomach when that special person walks into a room. We get that feeling of comfort and knowing that we are safe when that person is there.

So, we believe in all of these things that aren't here. But we believe in them because we see the things that make and the actions that are caused by them. God, like many, shows himself in ways that we can't always see. David (blogger) asked why God lets people die. I struggled with this one for a very long time until my aunt simply told me," Because he needs them."

She then told me that it wasn't being selfish. She had four types of cancer all in the latter stages, and the doctors told her that if one didn't kill her, the other one would. It's been six years, and she is cancer free...and living everyday as if it were her last anyway. Her husband, on the other hand, was diagnosed with pancriatic cancer and was given 3 months to live...and only made it three weeks. He didn't make it. My Aunt said she was mad at first and wondered why she got to live and he didn't. She then had someone tell her that he wouldn't have been able to make it without her because he wasn't as strong as she was. And he openly admitted this.

Sometimes, things happen that we can't explain. Sometimes there are no exuses simply except "That's how it is." Believing in God, much like marriage, is harder to do through the rough patches. Believing in him when there is so much evil and death is hard. But it makes believing in him when there isn't so much easier.

That's my view David.

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