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So David posted a blog in response to my blog and it was very nicely done. Except for the fact that I wasn't trying to argue with him or debate any of his points. I was only showing my side of things. Or, rather, most Christian's side of the religion thing.

But David, you forget, I'm not a Christian...I don't think. I guess you could say I am...maybe. I'm not going to say he just doesn't exist...btu I'm not going to say he does either. I'm not sure. Out of the many things in life that I am sure about, God is not one of those things. I wish it were. Most people wish He were because they say He will show me the way through life.

In my opinion though, I don't need God to show me the way through life. I can show myself my path. Besides, my path is what I make it. I determine where I go in life. Which fork I take if that provides a better illustration. But too many things have made me question God. Having 4 friends killed in a horrible car accident make me wonder about God. Having two amazing uncles killed from cancer in horrible ways make me wonder about God. Have a grandfather die from cancer makes me wonder about God. Life makes me wonder about God.

But then there are things like being saved that make me think God might be real. Things like my Aunt being "cured" while having 4 types of fatal cancer make me think maybe God is real. Seeing people in happy families with amazing love and happiness make me think God might be real.

But I don't want to be one of those people that believes in God through the good and not through the bad. That would be like a "closet" God fan. That's not the kind of person I want to be. Churches are filled with hypocricy but then again, so is everything else. It's when Church becomes more about what people are wearing and who's with who that worries me. It's like when football becomes more about who wins because of someone's fantasy football team. It's just not right. It's not what it's meant for.

So, David, if I had been argueing your point, you would have done an amazing job both times. But maybe this will help you to understand that I actually think along the same lines you do. I'm just not sure which side of the fence I want to be on.

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