"I'd Like To Meet" And The Annoyance Of The Whole Dang Thing  

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If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, I’m sure you’ve heard about MySpace. Everyone has one it seems like. Heck, my grandmother has a MySpace. Anyway, there are several sections as you know. There’s a section where you can describe yourself in however many words you need to do so. There is also a section for your favorite books, heroes, favorite movies, favorite television shows, and your “general” section. Then, there’s the ever amazing “I’d Like To Meet Section.”

This section befuddles me and is really starting to tick me off.
Realistically, how many people read the crap you post on your page? Now I write a lot because that’s the kind of person I am. But really, who reads it? In the superficial world we live in today, most of us go straight to the pictures don’t we?

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve gotten messages on MySpace that say, “Your pretty/hott/cute. Let’s talk.” (And that kinda bothers me anyway. A guy says “You have a beautiful smile,” and it might be a different story) Then, you ask them your name or even something that could have been gathered from one of the first few sentences in either section, and you don’t get a response. Now maybe I’m reading too much into that…but I don‘t think I am.

So, for the simple fact that no one reads anything you write most of the time I think I am going to leave it blank. Especially the “I’d Like To Meet Section,” which is what this is really about anyway.

How many people actually know what they want and can actually put it into words? How many people can pin point everything they want and don’t want in a person? There is a difference between need and want and in relationships, when you meet that “special someone” you might make compromises. Granted, I can see where you would put something like “I do not wish to see a murderer/kid raper” but other than that…it’s kind of up in the air. You never know, you could meet someone that isn’t anything like what you would normally consider dating and completely fall for them. Believe me, I’ve done it before.

Plus, there is that distinct factor between what you would “Like To Meet” and what you “Need To Meet.” And it’s important that you know the difference between the two. Not to mention the fact, how many people are really honest on those sections on MySpace.

If I were being honest mine would say, “I’m not big on committed relationships because most of the time, they end badly and people only get hurt. I like to go for the chase, and so far, when the chase has been over, I’ve gotten bored. I’m a flirt without meaning to be at times, and at times I know I am being one and am doing it just to tick you off and confuse your pretty little head. I am very independent and don’t need a man for anything except a sperm donation when I get ready to have kids and since I’m not ready to do that, a guy would mainly be for entertainment at this point in my life. I love sports, have an IQ even higher than Alabama’s National Championship count, and (gasp) am an opinionated person. I won’t let you run over me, and furthermore, I want a guy to have some balls and tell me what he wants and what he likes. I’m terribly sarcastic but mean what I say most of the time if it’s a serious matter and I will question your beliefs just to see if you really believe what you are saying or if you are just going with the labels.
These are the things I like now. But then again, that might change tomorrow along with my favorite player on Alabama’s Football Team.”

Now see…if I put that on my MySpace the response would be…actually it would probably be nothing. I would like to think it would end the world and make people gasp in astonishment all over the world, but realistically, no one else will probably even read this posting besides me and maybe David so the likelihood of that happening ain’t a whole heck of a lot.

But instead of having that on my MySpace I have this lovely little sentiment: “I used to have this long list of qualities I wanted in that special someone. The things I thought the person needed to be to have a real relationship. I read over it and thought, "Yeah, I want all those things, but there's more. Something I can't explain." The things I mentioned before didn't really matter as much. How old they are or whatever else seemed kinda pointless. It's very simple, and a good friend of mine said it best. "I want someone who wants me." I might very well be a hopeless romantic. I want that love that people envy. I want that love where the person runs at you to see you, even if they saw you five minutes ago. I want that love where I'm not the only one giving everything. I want that love where I know, no matter the age or past, it's where I need to be. I want that love where the other person genuinely cares about me and will allow me to care about them. I want someone that wants me. I'm not hard to understand but I catch guys off guard in relationships sometimes I guess. I'm not that girl that will cling to your every move. I am very independent. I have my own agenda and my own things to do. I'll gladly spend time with you, but I won't plan my day around you. I'm not the jealous type. If all of your friends are girls...that doesn't bother me. If you are still best friends with your ex...so be it. If you tell me you two are just friends I'll believe you because I trust the people I'm with. I won't call you every night or expect you to call me every night. I won't get mad if you get busy and forget to call me back. I'm not that girl. I'm not that girl that is going to look into the future and worry herself over what the relationship is doing. In my opinion, if it works out, it works out. If it doesn't, it doesn't. There are other fish in the sea. However, don't take me being me as not liking you because that might not be true. If I wasn't interested, I would tell you. Believe me. You have to talk to me and let me know what's wrong. I can't read minds, nor do I expect you to be able to. I'm not going to beg you to open up to me. Like I said, if it happens it does, and if it doesn't, it doesn't. Simple as that.”

Cute and fluffy right? Like a little puppy…except I’m not cute and fluffy…and I’m definitely not like a puppy. So see my point?

We all write things that we think will make people go “oooohhh and ahhhh” at but sometimes, the things we really think are actually the things that might make people gasp.

Thanks for reading David and anyone else and I encourage any and all opinions.

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Do I detect a little frustration?

I would like to say that myspace really should not be used as a dating tool.

...and you are right, people don't read your profile.

I for one discovered a nifty way to get a girl in bed using myspace.

I would read every bit of her page BEFORE emailing her, that way I knew exactly what her interests (and who her friends) were. I would casually drop things in like, "Oh yeah, I went rock climbing the other day". And then the female would be like "I love doing that" and I would be all, "Really we should go sometime".

It worked really well on most girls for almost a year.

Ya know... Now that I think about it, that kida made me sound like a sexual predator or something...hmm.. well, anyway.

Here's what you need to do. Write funny stuff in the about me, fill it up with the normal, "I like to hang out with friends etc.." and drop in a few lines like. "I was convicted of murder once" or "The voices in my head told me my shrink was a lier" be creative.

Haha. You never cease to amaze me. I've put crap like that in there before. I just type that crap because it kind of stretches me out and makes my page different than the others. Then again, so does the complete Alabama background.

You sense frustration because I am frustrated. But not at myspace, just people in general. The population of the world, minus a few people, is really starting to tick me off.

I had one guy do that before. His comment was something about loving Alabama Football and I asked him a relatively simple question and I got the deer in the headlights look. Not exciting at all. But then again, most people don't challenge others like I do.

I think I might put that in my "I'd Like To Meet" section and see what happens. Haha. And, in my opinion, if you have to use MySpace to meet people in the first place, something's up. No offense. But maybe I just haven't gotten desperate enough. Ha. And I doubt I ever will.

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