Equal Rights? I Don't Think So  

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Throughout time women have proven themselves as strong, supportive, assertive, responsible human beings. Women have stood behind the men that have gone off to war and we have stayed at home with the kids to make sure they know that wherever their daddy is they will always love them and he is always thinking of them. Women stay at home and worry about the men that have gone off and wonder if they will ever see their dads, fathers, husbands, and sons again. Women worry every time we receive a new update about a bomb going off and worry that it might be their loved one attacked on the front line.

Women fight and have overcome through a lot of things. Women have fought for the freedom to vote. Women have fought for equal rights in the work place. Women have fought to be seen as more than a housewife and sewer.

Now, it seems as if women are fighting for these rights all over again. By this I mean women being able to fight front hand combat in the military. Women being able to do more than put a band aid on that wounded soldier. Women being able to do more than hand that man the bullet. I'm talking about women being able to be that wounded soldier. Women being able to shoot the bullet that someone else just handed her. I'm talking about husbands saying "Mommy loves you so much and would do anything to be here with you right now and even though she isn't here physically she is still watching over you."

I'm sure that someone will bombard me with facts about how men are physically stronger than women. That's fine. I actually look forward to it. But, I know the facts. I also know that women and men alike can be as strong as they want to be in their mind.

Women are compassionate, caring, and they fight for what they want. Rosa Parks is a prime example of this. She didn't fight anyone. She simply sat where she was sitting and she won her battle. It was a mental decision that made her strong. A decision that has made her one of the most well known females in history.

Women overcome battles all the time. Women are raped, abused (both emotionally and physically), and yet women overcome and prevail through all of it. Sounds like someone I would want fighting next to me.

Women can teach and deal with the misfits that are in our school systems now a days. Women can be in Law Enforcement. Women can be firefighters. Women can work in hospitals and clinics where they face danger everyday. Women can give birth and deal with men. Women can drive (and don't comment on how that is a bigger danger to the roads.) Women are given the privilege to protect their families and to support kids on their own. So why can women not be given the privilege to defend our country as men do?

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