"My Rock"  

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"My Rock"

No one knows,
about the tears I cry.
I really can't believe,
that you're going to die.

For as long as I can remember,
you've always been there for me.
Helping me realize,
how wonderful I can be.

Always making me laugh,
when I was sad.
Always helping me see
why not to stay mad.

You've always been the strong one,
the one to show me the way.
And now you're leaving this Earth,
and sadly, I am here to stay.

Your belief is amazing.
Your faith is so strong.
Sometimes I wonder if
you've ever done anything wrong.

So imagine the pain
and having the fear
To know as I grow up,
that you won't be here.

And now seeing you like this,
so sad, lonely, helpless and in pain,
It really makes me wonder
if God is insane.

But you must know
wherever you are,
you'll always be in my heart,
no matter about the scar.

One of the things I'll always treasure most,
is that wonderful embrace.....
That awesome hug always made me feel,
like I was in the right place.

You're my paper weight,
the thing that keeps me on the ground.
So even when you're gone,
I know you'll keep me safe and sound.


I wrote this poem after I came home from our family's annual Thanksgiving celebration. At this celebration, I saw my Uncle Dwight like I had never seen him before. He just wasn't the same. 

As anyone knows, seeing someone that you love so much go through that, is a terrible thing. So to deal with this pain I was feeling that I didn't really know how to talk about, I wrote this.

I gave it to him on rose colored paper in a wooden frame which my aunt has at her new home now. It was read at his service and has been read at several services since then. 

Shortly after I lost Uncle Dwight, I lost my Uncle Glenn from the same disease very quickly. So this is dedicated to both of them, and to all of the incredible people that I have known that left this world too soon. Because, whether it was actually too soon or not, it always seems so to the people that were left behind. 

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