You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks  

Posted by: Cameon

I feel like it has been forever since I last wrote on this blog. Actually, I feel like it has been a life time since I have had the chance to write anything that I actually want to write. 

I've been writing...oh boy, have I been writing. However, I haven't been writing about the things I love to write about. I've been writing for my Blount class (which is not as relaxed as you would assume it to be from the name) or for my English class. There have been no BleacherReport articles and in fact, there hasn't been that much in the way of sports period.

Even now, as I type this I should be typing a 6 page paper on Discourse On Method by Descartes, but I quit. I had to take a break from the things that I am required to write about and write about something I needed/wanted to write about. 

 So, here I am. It is 4:08am in the morning here in Sweet Home Alabama and I am typing on a blog. This is what I am choosing to write about. I am writing about not wanting to write about writing. Makes sense huh? Well truthfully, not much in my life makes sense right now. 

Everything seems like it is all just happening and leaving me in the dust. Last week, I worked 30 hours. I met Nick Saban and got a picture with him which was pretty cool, but I honestly don't even remember what happened. On top of working 30 hours, I had an English paper due and I got the prompt for my Blount paper that would be due the following Thursday that same Thursday. 

I've also been going through the process of applying to become an Avanti which sounds pretty easy but it much more gruesome than I thought. There are several parts to this interview process and that in itself kills me. I hate not knowing. It is the worst feeling. So each time a new part of the process comes up I sign up for a time, go for the interview, and then wait... I am at their mercy because quite frankly I am used to getting what I want. So, I sign up, go to interview, wait and then rinse and repeat. Hopefully I will know whether I will be a definite Avanti or not in the beginning of November. For my sanity I hope so anyway. 

Getting Social Inc. is also something else I've ventured into. I'm basically creating Facebook business pages for businesses. Pretty cool actually and the money is pretty good but with everything else wouldn't you know it has nothing to do with education. 

Nothing does.

I do not have a class that really has anything to do with my Education degree. I have yet to realize why I need to learn Calculus when I am an Elementary/Special Education major! Why are you not replacing that with something that I will actually use?! AH!

There are lots of things I would like to rant about like the Alabama loss to South Carolina and what I think is wrong with this team and also how if Cam Newton gets hurt Auburn is screwed, but there is just no time. Nope. None. 

It is now 4:17am...and I guess now I should finish this paper that is due here in 7 hours. Maybe one of these days, I will get a chance to do a proper update...or even write an article. Oh how splendiferous that would be.

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