Operation Beautiful In Action  

Posted by: Cameon

Everyone struggles with their self image. Point blank. Men do. Women do. It’s just a part of life.

(I know my next rant was supposed to be about Greek Like, but I have not gotten that one completely ready, and I honestly felt this was more important and would also tie in together nicely with my whole point from the Greek Like article).

This Summer, I came across a site called Operation Beautiful. It was featured on the Dr. Oz show and immediately caught my interest. You can see more about it by clicking on the website link, but in summary it is all about making sure people (mainly women) know just how beautiful they are.

To do this, people leave little post it notes in random places (bathroom mirror, mirror in a dressing room, wherever) saying something like, “You are beautiful, just the way you are.”

I have posted a few of these notes myself but had never seen one in Alabama, until the other day.

Walking through the Ferguson Center at the University Of Alabama I happened to look up at the stairs and saw this:


Talk about making my day!

I quickly (actually, not so quickly and I did get some weird looks) took a picture of this and am sending it to the site so they know just how far this has gone.

To everyone I know, check out this site and do it if you so feel inclined. You never know when you might make someone’s day. :)

Roll Tide,

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