A New Challange  

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Fun Fact: I hate to be challanged.

Fun Fact: He made the mistake of challanging me.

Fun Fact: I secretly like to be challanged.

For those that know me, those fun facts were not surprising because you already knew all of that. Furthermore, you know how I am. I'm a stubborn person. I hate being wrong and most of the time, unless it is morally unsound, I cannot say "NO" to anyone. I am a people pleaser in terms of trying to help whenever I can.

Fun Fact: That has nothing to do with this. Just more information about me that you probably don't care about.

He challenged me that I won't be able to post a blog entry everyday for 365 days and in that blog post mention 5 things I am grateful for. With this, I also have to mention 3 good deeds I either saw or was a part of during that day.

Apparently, this is the way that many people keep up with me so I will be updating it everyday with events. For those that are subscribed, I am sorry but get used to seeing my blog in your feed as new posts. It's not spam. I promise.

So, today's update: I had my one on one interview for Avanti today and it was rather nerveracking. I am so used to being able to walk into an interview and already having a reputation for being someone dependable and someone you want on your team. Here at UA, I don't have that reputation yet.

This was the third part of the process (I swear, everything at UA is a process). The first part was the actual application. Wait. I then received an email to come in for a group interview. More waiting. I then received an email about the one on one interview. I went to this said interview today. Guess what I'm doing next? Yep. More waiting. I will receive an email November 2nd with instructions to come to Student Services and get an envelope which will contain a letter of whether I made something I really want or not.

It's a strange feeling worrying if I made something or not and is definitely not one that I am used to.

In other news, I signed up for my spring classes today. I can not believe that my fall semester of college has flown by this fast! Why didn't high school go by this fast is what I'd like to know?! In my process of signing up for classes, I signed up for Italian. Yep. Random I know, but I just wanted to take one fun class. I might end up dropping it though depending on how the rest of my schedule plans out.

I am still doing the Getting Social thing and it has rather taken off faster than I thought it would. I might have bit off more than I can chew, but am thoroughy enjoying it. For that reason, I might take a web design class just for the heck of it and learn to use photoshop and more tools such as that for fun.

There is still no guy at UA. I have also come to the conclusion that I might be a little naive in my thinking when it comes to marriage and how it is. I guess I have this image in my head of how things are...but unfortunately am learning that most of the time the ideals I have don't end up happening.

Enough of that. I will close this with the 5 things I am grateful for today ( I will label this section "Gratitude" on every post and the 3 deeds or interesting things that happened during the day.


  1. I made it through the crazy weather last night and am here typing this tonight.
  2. Katie being able to pull the plastic out of my foot that I somehow stepped on. Seeing as how I would be spending my day in heels, I was incredibly grateful for this.
  3. Making it to the one on one interview for Avanti.
  4. My amazing Daddy. He turned another year older today.
  5. Brittany and her helping me pick out an outfit for tomorrow. Could be interesting.
  • I met a guy today while waiting for my interview to begin and he was really nice. He just striked up a conversation and got all of my information. It was great, because I needed to calm down before my interview.
  • I went and got Katie two Sierra Mists this afternoon because she wan't feeling well. I'm pretty sure that counts as a good deed.
  • The rain has finally stopped, but some guy did offer to share an umbrella with me earlier. Thank you random person.
That is all for today's update.

Fun Fact: I will be home this weekend starting tomorrow afternoon/night and will be home until Sunday night.

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I hope you make it but I'm pretty sure (even if you don't get bored with this challenge) you're just going to forget one day lol

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