The Melody of Rain  

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Tip tap, tip tap goes the rain as it plunders down from the clouds to the ground outside my window. It's a melody I have missed hearing.

I love snow, don't get me wrong, but nothing compares to rain. Rain is the melody for love…and it's something I've been missing.

I love rain for the droplets that plummet to the earth, making me wonder where they came from, and if falling that fast and that hard is a scary thing to do. I love rain for the way it can be slow and steady, or fast and passionate. I love when there are spurts of both, to make the perfect storm.

I love rain for the comfort it brings. Rain proves to be the rhythmic beating of a heart, beating faster at times than others, but ever presently beating.

I love rain for the fact that it is just about everywhere. No matter where you go, you can usually find rain.

Sometimes, even in unexpected places. Rain isn't afraid to show up in places that it's not usually found. It also seems to show up just as people start to lose hope that it will never show.

I love rain for how you can dive right into it, get all wet and enjoy it. I love rain for how you can choose to stand back, and watch others bask in it. Sometimes, it proves to be better to stand back and watch others enjoy so that you can see what you can have, and that you don't have to settle. Sometimes, it's better to wait.

I love that rain allows you to do both, and it is just as lovely and comforting either way.

I love how rain is responsible for so many emotions.

Rain is there to make you laugh, as you decide to run through it with a friend or someone you love, laughing and smiling as you realize that there will be colds received from this endeavor. That doesn't matter now though. The future doesn't matter, because all that matters is now; this moment. Rain can make you cry as it shows up on a perfect sunny day as you lay a loved one down to rest, or go through an experience that you want them to be there for. It's there to remind you that no matter what, they will always be there. Rain can make you mad upon stepping into a puddle, reminding you of the experiences that once were and that all you have now are the after socks. Rain can lead to heartbreak though, as too much of it can cause problems. Yet, we always welcome it back with open arms, hoping that it won't hurt us this time.

Rain, much like snow, can be enjoyed with your tongue. Rain is clean, pure, and natural.

Rain is a reminder that the perfect storm is out there, even if you have to go through a few bad ones to reach that peak.

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