The Calm After The Storm  

Posted by: Cameon

Today was just another example of why I love storms. Storms, and the day after storms, provide the best metaphor in life.

As I sat in my bed Tuesday night, (I think), I couldn't believe the storm that was rumbling on outside. The lightning was illuminating the sky and making shadows of the tress on my windows that always creep me out a little bit. The wind was blowing so hard that I thought it was rain, knocking over our inflatables that were bringing our street Christmas cheer (and my parents a huge power bill). The rain was pounding on the roof and I got to hear from my mother, for the up tenth time, that Daddy really needed to call the guy about the roof. (Which seemed a little late if you ask me)

Trees were blown over, red lights were rocking back and forth and blinking with strange colors, electrical lines were over the roads. I couldn't help but think that this was the end as I knew it, and, as it seemed a little immature to go and ask my mommy and daddy if I could sleep with them, I just sat and listened.

This storm was nothing like some of the storms/tornadoes that have occurred in the past. I remember in the 3rd grade sitting down in our "kiss your butt goodbye" position and the doors of the school flying open and my side of the hallway being drenched with water as the fury of the wind flung open the doors and brought nature into us. I also remember hearing about the tornado that hit Enterprise a few years ago and the students that were killed in that awful storm.

Buildings were torn down, trees were uprooted, families were torn apart, schools mourned, cars were toppled over, and life as people knew it would never be the same. Then, the day after happened.

Days like today (which was the whole point of the story) remind me of the storms of life. A slight breeze, the sunshine winking at me through a few clouds, and just cold enough to remind me that I still need to get a few Christmas presents, made today the perfect day.

Sometimes we have storms in our life that take away the things we treasure most. The things that we think we will never get back and can't live without. At the moment, everything...your house, family, car, job, makes you feel like the world might be against you. Then days like today happen, and the world reminds us that, even though we sometimes go through hard times, there are still pretty days ahead.

Kids still play outside, the sun will still shines, and people are still there to help you through whatever might be going on. Its the calm after the storm and it's what gets me through the storms.

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