Topic 4: Tell us about something that fascinated you, something that you are amazed and intrigued by, and tell us why.  

Posted by: Cameon

Remember the days when everything was new and exciting? Those nights outside catching lightning bugs and playing outside until Mom or Dad called you inside to wash up and eat dinner. Those days when you didn’t dare touch the stove because Mom told you that the burner monster would get you if you did. The days when flying seemed like a real possibility because the birds could do it. Nothing seemed impossible. Waking up for school every day was exciting because learning something new was thrilling beyond belief. These were the days of being a kid.

Kids represent everything I want to be. The way they are able to see everything with a newness and excitement intrigues me. The way that they are able to take little things like hide and go seek and playing with twigs and make them into hour long activities or how they make two cars into a whole NASCAR race make me inspired by them and their imaginations. Their unconditional love for people also fascinates me because, not only can they love unconditionally no matter what a person looks like on the outside, but they can also see the bad in some people right off the reel. A child’s diligence to put every piece of sand back in the sand box, or rather, take every piece of sand out of the sand box, is a work ethic I admire. Mostly, a child’s love for life and everything in it is what fascinates me. A child’s ability to be blunt and honest and not be afraid to be themselves is something I miss being older.

In these times when we are giving kids Ritalin to calm them down and telling kids to be like everyone else, I will never understand why or how we are capable of doing such things. Maybe it is because we have lost our inner child. Maybe it is because, in the everyday hustle and bustle, we need to get out that coloring book and crayons and remember what it is like to color outside the lines. Carl Gustav Jung once said, “If there is anything we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.” Children fascinate me because they are children, and everything that entails. 

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