A Life Or Death Situation: How Far Would You Go To Help A Rival?  

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I'll admit I have recently taken to BleacherReport again, but I would love everyone's help on this subject that I recently wrote an article about which you can check out here.

Let me know your comments.

Roll Tide,

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I just read your article, "A Life or Death Situation: How Far Would Your Rivalry Go?" on bleacher report (my first time to visit that website). You asked for comments, so:
[1] You're a very compassionate and caring young lady who apparently gets up and on the internet hours before most folks your age even crawl out of bed on weekends. Either that, or you stay up way past your bedtime. :-)
[2] Sports rivalries are one thing. Caring for fellow humans regardless of which team they favor is on a higher plain, and I think most people are sensitive enough to put aside rivalries when it comes to caring for another person who needs help.
[3] I admire you for recognizing the difference between those 2 things and caring enough to write about someone who needs help. Bless you, and best wishes!

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