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As many of you know, I write for several sports sites when I am not writing on here. And if you didn't know, well you do now.

I have posted links to many of my articles in an effort to get my writing noticed, but more for the fact that I tend to write inspirational things dealing with sports.

This one, is even a little more different.

When I first joined BleacherReport.com I was a little skeptical. I was one of very few females, I was very young, and the only things I had ever written were things for school and recreational pieces.

But there was one guy in particular by the name of GrayGhost that encouraged me to keep writing. He told me I had great talent, I could touch the hearts of many, and get people to thinking. I was 17 years old, female, and getting compliments on a sports site.

Words could not explain how thrilled I was.

Gray even wrote an article talking about the young writers, and had no order except girls first (the only girl I might add). He promoted our work with nothing asked in return except to keep writing.

For that, I thought I should do something in return.

Gray's 4 year old grandson was diagnoed with a malignant brain tumor. I wrote an article on BleacherReport which I would love for everyone to read here.

I hope that you will help with the message shared in that article.


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How is his grandson doing, Cameon? Heard any news? I will keep him & his family in my thoughts & prayers!!! Miracles do happen!!!!

His grandson passed away at 12:22 in the morning Wednesday I believe. He said there was no suffering and that was all he could hope for. Although it was hard none the less.

Sorry to hear it.....Ok, now you have a good topic to write about...."Inspiration"...bet your friend would appreciate it!

Cameon, you are such a dear friend. Thanks for writing this. We miss our little Josiah and have ahole in our hearts, but we know that we will see him again one day. The Lord has been with us every step of this dark journey.

Thanks for your kindness and concern. My family sends their love to you. You are the best of the best!

Your Buddy,
Dean/Gray Ghost

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