Dear Zero, GROW UP!  

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For anyone that keeps up with my blog, you've probably noticed that Zero and I blog against each other quite a lot. We are both very opinionated people with very different views...which makes for interesting debates. Not to mention, we are both intelligent people...or so I thought, which makes for debates where the light bulb actually turns on every now and then. However, I think it's time that Zero get a dictionary because it seems he has taken a specific word and turned it into something that it is definitely not.

I encourage you to first read his blog here. OK, now that you've read that, let's begin.

Dear Zero,

Maybe somewhere along the line someone dropped you on your head or did something else to make you think that the word retarded has the connotation of being a bad thing. I would hope something like that happened because otherwise, you just look stupid by using it in the wrong way.

I'm also guessing you don't know anyone that is mentally challenged, retarded, slow, or any other synonym because if you did, you would also know that the word retarded does not mean what you think it means apparently.

By definition, retarded means: To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede. Hum...that doesn't sound like the people you are referring to at all. Your welcome to think that those people making the decision are stupid, dumb, inconsiderate, and the list could go on. However, you are not welcome to call them retarded because they are not.

Retarded people have a mental illness that prohibits them from doing things that you and I take for granted everyday such as talking, walking, being in line with our emotions, growing up physically and mentally at the same rate, controlling our bodily functions, being able to form a sentence, being able to understand when someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing and many more.

Stupid people have the capability to make good decisions. The problem is that they just don't. Stupid people have the capability to do anything, but they are too lazy, don't care, or think they've made a right decision when they really haven't. They are more worried about American Idol than the real issues. They are more worried about their basketball bracket than the economy issues. They just don't care period.

You, Zero, have made a terrible error in your vocabulary. Anyone that has a relative or friend that is, in fact, retarded takes offense when you use that word in a derogatory way because it's not a bad thing. It just means they are different than regular people. And, even though they are different, they are some of the nicest, most loving people you will ever meet in your life. Different is OK contrary to popular belief.

And speaking of being different, what makes Texas stupid for wanting to eliminate evolution from the textbooks? Isn't it the same as banning teachers from talking about God or not having "One Nation Under God" in the Pledge Of Allegiance? You seem to be perfectly fine with people doing those things because it comforts your little belief system. But when someone attacks what you think is true, you get your drawers in a wad. There's something wrong with that isn't there?

In my opinions, neither one of them should be eliminated. Students should learn about both of them and then have the opportunity to choose which one they think really happened. That way, you are giving kids the opportunity to think for themselves. Which is something that is highly lacking in today's society.

Just because someone doesn't think they same way you do or believe in the same things you do, doesn't mean they are stupid. And it definitely doesn't mean they are retarded. Debate with that person. Make it known that you disagree. But what makes you right and them wrong? What makes you intelligent and them stupid? What gives you the right to say that someone else is completely wrong and must be retarded for thinking that?

I'll give you a hint...your answer should not be, "Because I Said So."

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