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Well, David posted a reply to my blog that I wrote in response to his original blog. I'm aware this was several weeks ago but I wanted to take some time and cool down before I wrote an article about it so that I can attack every point logically without anger.

Unfortunately, I have a short temper with people that like to repeat things in hope that they make themselves sound correct, when in reality it just makes my job easier. And I like challenging things.

With that being said.

David thought it would be cute to attack my knowledge of the subject with a vocabulary lesson. And, apparently, retard means
to cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede. Which, evidently I was unaware of, even though he got that information from my website and his extensive musical knowledge.

And David was right, (nice copy and pasting there). Retard does mean to slow, delay or impede something. However, I still stand by in saying that you calling the people in Texas retarded is offensive to those that actually have relatives that are mentally retarded.

He brings up the point about how if I think of mentally challenged people when I hear the word retarded, that's my problem. And he's right, although I don't consider it a problem. I consider it a privilege to fight for these kids and what they represent.

These kids represent something that you will never be able to David. And that is the love for everything. That is the ability to love unconditionally, no matter their opinion. That is their ability to take what life has given them, and still believe that they can do absolutely anything. It is their ability to be thankful for truly smallest things in life, that we all overlook everyday.

**A quote from David's blog: "I stand by calling Texas retarded. And they are acting retarded still.

You say retarded as if it's a bad thing, but does it sound like these kids are so bad off to you? Most definitely not. So yes David, I do get offended when you say that these people in Texas are retarded. Not because of the people in Texas, but because of the negative connotation you gave the word. Because of your lack of understanding to the word.

If, you had said for instance, that Texas imposing these ideals would retard the children of the school systems, that would have been something entirely different. But you didn't. You wrote the first thing that came to mind. Just calling the people retarded. After all, being "politically correct," doesn't mean anything. In fact, I don't care about political correctness. I do care about the fact that you don't know how to use a verb correctly.

David keeps going on with making himself like an illiterate human being that doesn't seem to understand the concept of letting everyone have their own views towards things.

I could argue about the fact that it seems as if you would only like your idea of evolution taught in schools because that is what you believe. (David is an atheist) Well, David, why not teaching the children all of the things that could have happened and then let them choose on their own? Why don't you stop trying to take God out of discussions, and start putting things like him and evolution into discussions more instead of being so focused on your one way that it could have happened.

Why don't we allow the future generations to believe in whatever they choose to believe? Why don't we allow them to choose for themselves after being given all of the information? "BUT THAT WOULD BE LOGICAL CAMEON! WHY WOULD WE DO THAT?!"

Here's why.

When you squash things that have been taught for years to come, you squash a lot more than what you have been promoting. When you take things out because you think it's right, you are squashing the ability for future generations to think on their own and make their own decisions. We are making a class of "Stepford Wives" that think just like the kid next to them because they are taught that is the only way.

I'm all up for evolution and God. Some people believe that the things that happen are too complex to just have fallen into place. Some people believe that every single little tiny detail and things that have to go right for a baby to grow inside a mother's stomach, are too complex to just have fallen into place. That is their belief system.

You believe yours. Let them have a chance to form their own. Maybe one day, they will get on here and school you on how you will be wrong.

Your response? "But little girl, you are basing this off of a repulsive book that was written my some mad guy over several years."

I, for one, hope she can slaughter you with information to prove you wrong about every single one of your arguments. And, if she uses that "repulsive" piece of literature correctly and doesn't give up, she will be able to.

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