To Put It Simply...  

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I used to have another blog.

In fact, I think it's still up. It's probably knocked down by Obama supporters as we speak actually.

However, it's very old. So old, in fact, I realized that the last 6 or so posts had been about guys...that I hadn't been with in I don't know how long. Great huh?

One, I can't care that much now about the Y chromosome or anything it deals with unless it deals with Crimson Tide sports. And two, the posts talked about a guy I haven't been with in ages...seriously.

So anyway, this is a new chapter. I'll repost some things that I think are worthy to be on this new blog. I will also post the articles I post on on here as well. I might try and figure out how to date them back...but I'm not sure honestly.

This is not for the mild hearted. I will tell you like it is. Or what I think it is anyway. If you are the faint of heart or don't like your butt being handed to you, this is not the blog for you. Postings about puppies and dandelions will not be found here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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