$120,000,000 And A Whole Lot Of Stuttering  

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Did anyone else find the humor in the fact that Obama spent 120 million dollars for his inauguration? Does anyone that donated to his campaign not wonder if you contributed to the lobster or whatever he's eating tonight? Or maybe it would help you sleep better to think you helped in hiring Aretha Franklin, or buying chairs for people. Maybe your money bought the chair that Obama himself sat in.

Now, President Obama talks about the economic crisis the United States is in. He blames this crisis almost directly on former administration. But, he's willing to spend 120 million dollars on a party basically? Former President George W. Bush spent a third of that. A third. And he is the one not worried about the U.S.? That's a good one...you should be a stand up comedian Mr. Obama. Maybe then someone would actually laugh at your jokes and your bad jounanalism. Not to mention your catastrophic writing. If you could even call that writing.

Former President George W. Bush has said that he will write a book during his retirement. He said that only then, will people really know what was going on during his time in the office. I'll be one of the first ones in line to read that book. Go ahead and sign me up on the book club list.

Some interesting things I noticed about the inauguration:

  • Obama spent 120 million dollars on his own party. (Have I mentioned that?)
  • Obama forgot or got choked up while being inaugurated into office...forgetting what he was supposed to say.
  • Obama was not singing the National Anthem until he realized that the camera was on him.
  • Laura Bush was as poised and as elegant as ever.
  • President Obama's daughters seemed to be very respectful. I wonder how much of that had to do with the puppy promised?
  • Reporters really have no clue what they are talking about for the most part.
There will be more. I'm just getting started. In fact, I might write my own book with my own catastrophic writing and call it, "I Learned From The Best." I'm taking ideas and donations for the cost of materials.

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Obama didn't get choked up about his inauguration. The person, who read the inauguration oath to Obama, didn't read the oath right. Obama had been rehearsing and memorizing that oath for a few weeks, and he knew it was being read to him wrong; that's why he stopped/studdered as you like to call.


Were you there helping Obama practice his speech? To people on the other side of the camera that weren't there to listen to him practice before hand, it sounded like he got choked up and forgot what he was supposed to say. Because he did it again later on when the man reading for him gave him a long segment.

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