Assignment 4- CAT 200  

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Cameon Shiflett

December 9, 2010

Assignment 4

After reviewing several different computer systems and the software to go with them, the computer that best suits the needs of an educator and the students as well would be the Toshiba Satellite laptop. On sale at Best Buy for $349.99, this laptop has several features that make it such a great buy and has gotten outstanding reviews. This Toshiba laptop has a 15.6” inch display which makes it very suitable to work on both for educators and students. This computer also has a 2.2 Intel Celeron processor which means that it has a fast processing system allowing for tasks to be completed quickly and efficiently. This processing speed is also helpful in terms of software that an educator might want to put on it.

This Toshiba laptop has a battery life of almost five hours which is a great tool in helping with educating on the go and getting lesson plans and other software done in preparing to get things ready for a classroom. This laptop also has the ability to read a graphics card that you would find in a camera or other media device which would be helpful in an educator being able to take pictures and upload them onto a school website as far as lesson plans or other class activities.

This laptop comes with Microsoft Works 9 and Adobe Acrobat Reader which are both extremely useful tools in the education field. Microsoft Works has the Microsoft Word which will help in typing up lesson plans or other hand outs to hand to students, Microsoft Powerpoint which will help with the visual learners, and also Microsoft Excell which helps in creating spreadsheets and other things that can help an educator with organization.

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