Lifting Up Ellie  

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As a recent "Tweeter", I came across a post from Lance Armstrong that I found interesting. He was asking for "Prayers for Ellie" and included a link to a little girl's twitter. After visiting Ellie's twitter, and following the link to her Caring Bridge site, this little girl had me wrapped around her finger, and her story.

I could tell you all about Ellie's battle but it is best described by the people that love her and have been around her through this time, because everyone's battle and experiences are different in this terrible disease. Her parent's have been told by the hospice people that their daughter has about a week left here on this earth. I'm including the link both to her twitter and website so that you may be touched by this little girl's story as I was.

Cancer is such a terrible disease and for anyone that has been through it, or been around people that have been sick with it, you know what a terrifying experience it is. From what this little girl's mom has said though, she has kept a high spirit, as most children do.

I've always said that we can learn so much from children, and this little girl proves to be no different. I hope you'll take a moment to let her impact your life as she did mine and so many others. I hope you'll take a moment, go to her website and read her guestbook and her mom's postings about her little girl. I'll also include a link to a song that singer/songwriter Dusty Hughes wrote for her that just shows how incredible this little girl must be.

After reading her story, keep her family and friends in your prayers and hug the ones you love. Life is short, and we never know how short it really is, until the ones we love are taken away from us. If you feel inclined, share her story with the people you know.

May God Bless,


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