Technology Will Take Over The World  

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So, David posted this in a blog talking about his lack of belief in God but instead about his thoughts about what humans can achieve.

He got this from a lady named Jan who talked about how God had blessed the world with all of these amazing gifts.

I'm posting this because I think they have both overlooked something VERY important!

In 10 years or so, computers will be doing everything. In 10 years or so, computers will be telling us what to think, what to wear, what to eat, calculating our finances...But wait, aren't they already doing all those things?

Not to long ago, I sat in a fourth grade class and helped these students with their math problems. They were learning long division and I was trying to help them. When asked what 30-10 was he simply looked at me and said "Hold on and I'll put it in the calculator."

I was flabbergasted.

The calculator? It was 30-10. The answer was 20. You carry down the 0 and subtract 1 from 3 and BAM you have an answer. But this little boy plugged it into the calculator while I tried to place myself back on the chair that I had fallen off of.

But then I got to thinking...these kids and I were roughly 6 years apart in age at the time. 6years. Not that great of a distance...except for the simple fact that I could drive and they were learning long division. I never understood the distance until I realized that teachers weren't teaching long hand anymore. Why should they when it can all be plugged into a calculator?

The technology is amazing true. What is more amazing is the kids that are learning how to use it. I babysit and continue to be amazed at how these 5, 6, and 7 year olds know full well how to program their television to what they would like to watch. They are all about the video games and the DVD player...and I'm fainting in the floor as I watch all this take place.

But what good are we doing our kids by not teaching them long hand and by letting everything be technology. Especially when something happens to all that technology. One day, your finances will be completely controlled by a computer. There will be no paper records.

What happens when those computers break?

What happens when everything collapses?

What happens when one huge virus (generated by those same kids that are geniuses at the DVD players no doubt) wipes everything out?

I'll tell you. Everything is gone. And everyone will run amok. Everything and everyone will run around in a frantic panic questioning what to do and trying to find some technological device that can calculate the price of a cheeseburger and a fry and add tax. OH THE HORROR!

While Jan and David are talking about God or the non existence of God I would rather focus on technology and what will happen when it all comes crashing down around us...

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I find it ironic that you choose a rant on technology on a medium such as a Blog. You are saliently articulate and make some rather impressive points. It is truly interesting to give us all an internal view of the modern teen mind. Note: I did not say typical. You are anything but. Keep it up.

I thought about that after I posted it. And that might have been a point that should have been made. Used to, girls my age would keep journals with paper and a we do it on computers. (Which, thankfully, comes with spell check) Ha. Thanks for the read and the comments. I hope you'll check out some of my other stuff and let me know your opinions on those things.

ok... both scenarios are good for mankind.

Wait, did I cross the line?
Yep, both scenarios is good for mankind.

If we are to continue to live this life of plenty of food and luxuries, then we will need computers to control everything. Why? because we are over populated and in need of automation to survive. The same as henry ford needed an assembly line to fill orders. Sadly, we are headed to a future like seen in wall-e the movie.

Second scenario benefits us just as well, all of our computers crash, and we start over, only this time with the same level of technology, and less reliant on computers. We connect with one another again, human to human. We reduce our population drastically and we can feed all of them because it is smaller in number. In a nut shell we lose most of the human race, in order to rebuild the human race to be sleeker smarter and better. I AM IN FAVOR OF THIS!

Cameon is not, if her comments expalain how she feels then she wants every fetus to be born as a child and a quarter of them to die through starvation. So either way me and cameon want the same thing, we want the human race to survive. I want them to use the knowledge they have gained to make themselves survive. Cameon wants a lot of babies to be born so that the planet is so over populated that we have massive famine and poverty.

Cameons plan uses natural selection, only the fit survive, which is ok with me!
My plan means we use our intelligence to survive. Which is ok with me!


First off, I haven't seen the wall-e movie so I'll have to watch that before I understand the reference. Although I'm guessing it's much like Meet The Robinsons.

My generation was semi lucky because we have learned how to do things by hand but also how to use things like computers to our advantage. Computers and technology are an amazing thing. It's miraculous at what they can achieve. And that's what scares me.

The fact that our whole continent basically could be taken out by technology is a little nerve racking isn't it?

I don't want every child to be born and die of starvation. That's what I said at all. I would rather find ways to make it so that these children didn't have to starve. Why don't we use our technology to find a way to help those kids instead of making videos for YouTube or spending an extra 5 minutes on Facebook?

Natural selection? Hardly. Getting off of our butts and doing something worth while...definitely. We're in an age where teenagers and young adults spend more than half of their week on a computer. Half. Think what would happen if that half got off their butts and went to help those kids that are starving. Or the women that are being abused by their husbands. Or the people serving in our military. Anyone that is less fortunate than them actually. That is what "spreading the wealth" is all about.

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