An Unexpected Reminder  

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People laugh when I tell them that my Mom had a baby 5 months ago. Why? Well, probably because there are 18 years between this little guy and myself and 16 years between my younger sister Megan and Michael.

"Starting over" is what a lot of people call it, and people have proven to be exactly right.

In the everyday chaos that life has become with school, work, college choices, sports (the list could go on forever) we had all forgotten how to laugh and appreciate what I like to call "the small things" in some ways at my house as I'm sure everyone does.

We had forgotten that arguments are best ended in laughter, that laughter is contagious, that smiling is contagious, and that most of all, nothing is too small to appreciate and be amazed by.

Michael has been the blessing and the glue that has kept us from all going crazy in my opinion in these crazy times of Megan driving, me picking colleges, and MaMa and Daddy having things going on of their own.

A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day suddenly turns into a ray of sunshine at the sight of this little guy grinning at you when you walk in the door and ask him how his day was. Suddenly, as this little guy is grinning at you with no teeth, you realize that maybe everything isn't so bad after all.

An argument that once seemed so very important and heated suddenly becomes funny when Michael starts giggling at whatever is going on. (He also laughs at the mentioning of him being naked…not sure about that one yet, but it's still funny). At the hearing of this little giggle, you can't help but laugh because you realize how trivial this all must be in the end and more importantly, that a five month old sees it and you don't.

Sleep suddenly becomes something I treasure as work has died down and I've been able to come home and take naps with the little guy in the afternoon. He's gotten used to the routine and so have I honestly. Those little (and when I say little I actually mean rather large) arms of his reaching for me as if saying, "Hey! I know we are about to go get a nap so let's go!" is possibly the best thing to come home to in the afternoon. Although, there have been several pictures taken by my parents of their oldest and youngest children sleeping side by side under the Bama blanket that will eventually end up on Graduation videos much to my dismay I'm afraid.

It's that little face that looks so innocent when he's asleep as if all the world's troubles are just forgotten. It's also that little grin that he gets when he's asleep that makes you wonder, "What in the world is he dreaming about?" that makes this little guy so amazing.

It's his love for cleavage (yes, you read that right) that makes him hilarious to watch around women. For some reason, no matter who it is, that little hand is going to that ladies cleavage. (Mental note made to never take him to Hooters as an older child).

It's his love for Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide (he gets silent if anyone from the team gets on TV or I start singing Yea Alabama!) that solidifies the fact that he must be my brother. Not to mention, he looks amazing in Crimson. J

It's him and I sitting on the couch watching the Crimson Tide beat Texas for the first National Championship won since I was born or another sporting event, that make me anxious for our first game together and how he will react.

It's his desire to watch and learn everything he can from the people in my house that amazes me. I take things like eating solid food for granted. Poor guy has to deal with that nasty cereal looking stuff, and you can bet he gives me the eye every time I go to take a bite out of a cheeseburger.

It's the realization that things are changing in my life as they will in all of ours. It seems like only yesterday I was walking into 5-K and now I am making plans to go to college. I can't help but wonder what things will be like for this little guy, and also realize that I will hopefully be a part in his life and who he becomes.

I have already made so many memories with this little guy, and he has already taught us all so much. I can't wait to see what will happen in the future, but at the same time, I'm a live in the moment kinda person so I am enjoying every minute of this.

Yes, my parents did "start over" but Michael has brought so many new beginnings that I don't think of that as a bad thing. In fact, I would say the complete opposite is true. I love you Michael Stephen.

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