When Your Parents Are Right  

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Unfortunately, I have reached another point in my life where my parents were right. And, I really hate to admit that for more than one reason. First off, this isn't the first time this has happened. Secondly, I know that it will happen again. And finally, I am scared of what they might be right about next.

Let's face it, no matter what age we are, it is hard to admit that our parents are right. It just seems unnatural to admit that someone that can't work a television set knows about a lot of other things.

I mean, the fact that they can't figure out how to text message and yet they have all this philosophical knowledge befuddles me. They can't figure out T9 but they know all about relationships, school, jobs, and they have all this experience...in everything, except, of course, anything dealing with a remote, sliding your finger, or pushing a button. (No sexual innuendos intended)

So, back on track...once again my parents were right. They have been right about the guys that weren't going to be good for me. They have been right about the guys that seemed to be good guys, but really weren't. They have been right about school and the importance of it. They have been right about how leggings would come back in style (good job MaMa). Although the most recent thing they were right about was the fact that eventually, my guy friends would get girlfriends that didn't like their having a female best friend.

If you don't know anything about me, I love football and every other kind of sport. I work at Bama Fever and basically plan my dating calendar around Alabama Football. (And now the importance of being a Bama fan becomes important when dating me becomes apparent). I also love politics and...ok...maybe guys aren't interested in that. Not to mention, I am a girl (in case you haven't heard). So, they think I am all into the female mind, although, I hate to tell them, I try and get as far away from that as possible. And, apparently, "I speak 'guy' ." And, to be perfectly honest, I can't figure out if that is a good quality or not.

I guess, for all the above reasons, I am the best "girl friend" to a lot of guys. That is how it has always been. I never saw that changing. Life was good.

Girls are complicated. I will never understand how a man learns to understand one enough to marry her and continually tick her off every day or every other day. There is so much drama and talk of shows and clothes and Coach bags. $300 for a bag?! That could buy a signed Tim Tebow jersey ladies. Maybe even two depending on if he was feeling charitable that day or not.

All the above reasons are probably another reason that I have kind of migrated to guy best friends. The relationship is simple. I have a guy problem, they go and beat him up. I have a football need, I ask. They have a football need, they ask. They have burping contests and I judge them. I occasionally hear the story about the girl last night and scold them for talking about girls in such foul ways all the while secretly thinking how preposterous this story must be.

Ah...with some chips and salsa, this would be the perfect relationship right?

But, like every other story, there is an evil villain...the girlfriend.

My Daddy warned me that eventually, I would come to an age where girls didn't like their boyfriend having a girl for their best friend. Apparently, "this is awkward and just drives girlfriends crazy." I can honestly say, apparently, is not a true statement, because it does. No doubt.

Suddenly, you are not the girl that has been their best friend for four years. No, you are the girl that wants to steal him away. You are not the girl that all the guys hang around with on Saturday to watch football with. Nope, you are the evil mastermind planning to pick their boyfriend, buy plane tickets, escape with them to Barbados, and dance the night away under the stars. You are also not the girl that has grown up with him. You know him really well, so you must like him.

I can't say I understand this honestly. First off, in four years if I have "stolen him," why would I wait until now? Secondly, I wouldn't spend money on plane tickets. That is just way too expensive. And, I don't dance except to Yea Alabama. And finally, if we have grown up together, chances are I know him well enough to not ever want to be anything more than friends and think of him as a brother. That is how life is.

I guess the time has just come where I have to understand that these girls are insecure about the relationship and are afraid that someone might come in and steal them away. In fact, I might just make a leather costume and name myself "BS." (Boyfriend stealer, this is a clean blog folks). And the best part would be, I could be on Smallville with Tom Welling!

But my question is why ladies?

Why can you not see that having a female as his best friend is one of the best advantages? She has all the dirt, she doesn't have gross habits (mostly), she understands when you need to be together, and she can help him to understand you better (sometimes.)

Why can you not see that if he is going to be stolen, it doesn't have to be the best friend to do so? Most likely, if he is willing to be stolen, the feelings weren't that strong at the beginning and its better you find out now isn't it? If a guy is going to run, he is going to run, and there isn't squat you can really do about it.

Why can you not see that we have nothing to hide so we'll tell you whatever? Sometimes relationships end and you beccome really good friends instead. Your boyfriend is going to have a history. And, more than likely, you will to. But it is just that, history. Whatever is going on now is just friendship, (again, for the most part.)

...So, until things change and women realize that a guy having female friends is actually a good thing most of the time, I am auditoning for a new best friend. I might get a Lab. They are friendly, cuddly, and good listeners. They do slobber though... oh wait, so do human males.

Ah...well, it seems as if I'll never win.

And the scary thing is, I've been told eventually I will hopefully care enough about someone to get jealous of friends that my guy might have. Male or female...Oh happy days.

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Cameon....You are absolutely amazing!!! I really enjoyed reading your blog entry today....your thinking about life, relationships, the way you regard your parents is Awesome!!! I'm so Proud of the person you are becoming....are you going to Alabama for college? I did, you'll love it!!! :) Just wanted you to know that I really wish more young people your age were as "savy" & intelligent as you are. Keep writing, you have a real knack of expressing yourself & your thoughts!!! Take care, Miss Cameon!!!! :)

Mrs. Keith,

Thank you so much for your kind words. :) I really appreciate them.

I am planning to go to Bama after maybe completing a two year program at Jeff State so that I can be at home with my mom and the new baby.

Again, thank you for your sweet comments. I hope you'll check out some of the other postings on here and let me know what you think. :)

Jesus, you got a lot to say! I hear you though! My ex HATED my best friend bc I would talk to her during Steeldogs games and not my g/f. But it's cause she didn't understand and when I tried to teach she wasn't willing to learn. Girls are bee-otches str8 up!

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