Why? I'll Tell You Why? Our Liberal Media  

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Wednesday night, my Dad and I decided to attend the "Tea Party" at Valleydale. Excited that I would get a chance to meet other people that realized what is wrong in this great nation I posted a facebook status. It was fairly simple and to the point. It just said, "Cameon bought her new Portuguese Water Dog with the Stimulus Package. Going to the rally."

OK, so I did take a stab at the new Portuguese Water Dog that was bought by the President, but I thought it was pretty clever. (Please contact me if you would like a bumper sticker)

At any rate, before even 5 minutes had passed there was a "facebook war" taking place on my facebook. Insults were being thrown back and forth, words were being exchanged, parents were telling their kids to hide in the closet, and Obama was sicking his precious Water Dog on the infidels.

Finally, my Godfather stepped in and said, "This is some kinda cat fight you have going on here. I am curious though as to what GW Bush did that was so wrong in the eyes of your generation. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with everything he did, but on the whole, he did most of what we elected him to do. Hell I think Ronaldus Magnus was the greatest president this nation has ever seen, but I did not think he did everything right.What did Bush do or not do?"

This, is my response to that question.

It wasn't a cat fight first of all. That would require that the other side said things that were intelligent and that wasn't happening. At all. Which brings me to my next point.

I have a feeling that if you ask most of the people in my generation why they think George W. Bush was such a bad President, they would either spout off "I dunno," or all the crap that the media has filled their parent's brain with, which went directly to them.

So, the usual reasons for people in my generation to hate Bush?

1. Operation Iraqi Freedom

  • "They kill babies while they are in Iraq." HELLO???!!! The media has convinced people in my generation that our troops go over their and shoot up everyone with no regard to anything but themselves. If only these people took the time to do some research they would find that the people in Iraq use kids as mortars. That's right. They strap bombs to their kids and send them out to play because they know that American soldiers won't shoot a child at first, giving them just enough time to set off the bomb and destroy an American life and their own child's. But it won't just be one American life, it will also be that soldier's potential family. His wife, kids, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters...all of those American lives that will be changed forever. To these people, one life that can be replaced is worth destroying American lives.
  • "We are destroying their country." The media has also convinced people in my generation that the American soldiers are destroying this fine country. I mean obviously, because it was so splendid before. But that's beside the point. What the media doesn't let on is that the terrorists in this country use their schools, mosques, and other buildings to place bombs in. They place bombs in playgrounds knowing that the American soldier will then have to make the choice of destroying a school or the bomb that will potentially kill more people. When they go in, they are obviously accused of running into a school full of Iraqi children...or a religious center even if the bomb was centered right under Ala.
  • "We are losing American lives for nothing." If you believe that they are fighting for nothing, that is your problem. However, the guys fighting over there have to believe they are fighting for something or they would be dead pretty quickly. The minute you give up what you are fighting for, is the minute you lose a reason to keep fighting. And that is when all of a sudden you just stop.

2. World Trade Centers

  • "He didn't respond fast enough." The media has it implanted in our generation that George W. Bush had all of this intelligence that would have stopped the World Trade Centers from being hit. People in my generation say that it's his fault for letting that happen. But, at the same time, when there are reports that Iraq has nuclear warheads they are planning to use on the U.S. we are supposed to not go over there and stop them. WHAT KIND OF SENSE DOES THAT MAKE??!!

3. He destroyed the economy

  • "It's his fault that we are in this huge mess. He's a Republican." Once again, the media and no research on their part. Little do these people know that even before Bush came into office the Congress was Democratic and he could not get anything passed except what they believed would be "the right thing to do." Granted, the bail outs weren't such a great idea, but in other circumstances and with other action taken, they could have been.


To tell you the truth, the reason that people in my generation think former President George W. Bush was so horrible is because the media has told them so and because they haven't taken the time to research anything that might be different.

People in my generation are too concerned about Facebook, American Idol, and the latest fashions to be worried about death rates or anything else. They are too worried about those things and not worried enough about the principles that this country was founded on.

People in my generation don't have principles or morals for the most part. The idea is that everything goes and that you can do anything because parent's can't discipline their kids the way they used to in fear of being sent to DHR for abusing their kids. Everything is given, and nothing is earned.

People in my generation lack the ability and the passion that the people in say my grandfather's generation possessed. People in my generation haven't had to face hard times or difficulties because everything is just handed out.

People in my generation don't care.

Except for the very few.

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