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Posted by: Cameon


The first few words of your email made me think I was the new subject of the next horror movie. Ha. If you would like to add my email feel free to do that. I think Larry is more blind sided by something else going on.

I read your email, and would just like to say that for a site "that doesn't judge people based on their age," it sure sounded like it even from the explanation you provided in your email. My joining did cause a discussion because I got the emails up until a point. You couldn't have had a discussion about me simply because of the fact that none of you know me. (Larry might know a little but he would be the only one). I understand being in a group where there are no barriers. I also understand being free spirits...but your group, Mr. Tim, is not a free spirited group if you base a decision on someone's age.

I'm curious to know if there are is no moderation and no rules how it was made that apparently you have to be 18 to get in. That sounds like a rule or moderation to me. I understand the language part. I understand the posting part. All of this I understand. I also understand wanting to protect your children. The thing is, I'm not a child. At 17, when you have lost four family members within the year, lost 5 friends in a car accident that were all fatal, lost 3 friends in Iraq, and had to overcome all the evil in the world to prove that you are a good person and not like the others, you come out a 25 year old in a 17 year old body. Actually, not even that. Ha.

If you turn down a die hard Bama fan because of his of her age then what comes next? Not allowing someone in because of their gender? What would you blame that reasoning on then? The fact that you have a mother and you wouldn't want her to be exposed to such things so she's not allowed in either. Guys club only?

I won't get into the age 18 become an adult thing because that is a completely different discussion. One that would require more brain power than I am currently able to give.

I'm sorry, but I highly disagree with the decision from this group. I will continue to. And being accepted doesn't mean a damn thing to me actually. It was based purely on the fact of my age. With no reguard to anything else. To hell with logic and passion, it's all about the stereotypes today. And now, if it is argued about further, it will be because some people want it and some don't. I like to join in places where I am welcome. Otherwise, it's a waste of my time and effort. I'll take my "childish" thoughts, opinions, and writing ability somewhere else if it's all the same to the "no rule" community that you affiluate yourself with. I'm an opinionated person. I have to stand up for myself in this world or people would run over me. I'm an attractive girl that happens to be madly in love with Alabama Football. Not to mention, every other sport. I also love politics and debate in general. I have to overcome sterotypes all the time. It's something I've learned to do.

My birthday is 10/31/1991. Yes, it's Halloween. And yes, it's the same as Nick Saban's. (He was born on October 31, 1951 in West Virginia). I'll be 18 then. Old enough to vote, join the army, and get a tatto or body piercing without my parent's consent. But not old enough to be taken seriously in this world.

Thanks for contacting me. Please realize that I do appreciate someone from that "community" contacting me. Also, thank you for the kind words about my writing on both B/R and my site. If you would like to post this for the other members to see feel free to do so, and also feel free to include my email.

Roll Tide,

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